Friday, 31 May 2013

Stardome Observatory Trip

On the 9th  of May on Thursday morning Room’s 7 and 11 travelled on a bus to the Stardome Observatory for a trip.’’WOW” that looks so awesome can we go there Mrs George PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Of course we can Room 7”.As soon as we got to the amazing observatory we got to explore,imagine,and discover.We were shown around by an interesting male who was known as  Mr.Andrew. He had guided us outside of the platform and then we ended up into a cinema station, basically called a auditorium,  where a lot of chairs were  there for a lot of people to be seated in.We were seated in some comfortable chairs and got entertained by the films.The first film I think was in 3D it was about what pumps your heart while you are in space.You also have to co-operate with your crew while being up there in space.There were some short films about how astronauts prepare for space travel in the space shuttles.Serious rules that had to be followed by for some inclusive reasons.Were not to chew chewing gum and to turn off all electronic devices and to not talk during the scenes of what is up space and what to do when you become an astronaut and the constellations in the stars with the 7 stars of matariki and Orions belt. We had sat back relax we had lay down in our comfortable seats.I learnt a lot of things during those knowledgeable films.The favourite film I liked was the one where the man was brushing his teeth up in space in gravity.The man was so talented because they could do back flips while in the gravity.We noticed about there being up space that you have to do a lot of exercising and you have to be fit.Most times you float in air like a flower from heaven.When all the describable films had end.We and room 10 got to go and tour the amazing objects that are so entertaining once we had finished there then we had to go with Mr Andrews and entered this room where Mr.Andrews were going to have a 1 hr session with us.We had got seated in to our seats and we got started and overviewed our knowledge.We also found out how to brush your teeth in space.The man who introduced himself as Mr Andrews informed us of the space shuttles and all of the crews that there had to be 6 people in a crew.So we greeted him so thankfully by a student named Nunia who said a very conclusive thankyou

and had to say goodbye to Mr Andrews and went back on the bus a went back to our gracefully school Glenbrae School.When we hopped on the bus it sound like elephants crying when we were talking.”Thank you Mrs George that was so cool and interesting”.

Life Caravan

 LI:To use adjectives SC:I have used adjectives to describe.

On Thursday room 7 was walking down to the life caravan we were invited to the life caravan from a lovely lady named Jenny. The first thing we saw when we got in the life caravan was the cool labels. The lady was a good inspiration to me and the other kids. Jenny had sparkling eyes that kind of led us to heaven . We had to line up from shortest to tallest the shortest in front and tallest at the back so that the little ones can see properly. We had to turn on our listening skills and sit on our glutious maximus we turn our brains on and learn. We got informed of what we had to do and listen to the rules from the lovely lady Jenny. The first thing we learnt was I think it was the whole class getting a body part called a pull apart turso basicly PAT. We got stuck in right away there had to be at least four in a group. Me and my group appeared to be Aarmione,Nganga,tauola and Manuae.We got along well toegether as we tried our hardest to stay with each other and manage to get along with each other.

Personal Recount writing.

Personal Recount Writing
Learn, Create, Share

Make a copy of the template and write a recount of your most exciting holiday activity. Save your writing to your writing folder. After conferencing with the teacher, upload your work to your blog.

Read other students’ recounts on blogs and make positive, thoughtful and helpful comments please.

Title:Tread Lightly Caravan
Orientation: who, what, where?Room 7 Mrs George,Mrs Atuahiva,Kate and Kelly.Knowledge in the school hall and the Tread Lightly Caravan.To learn how to save tree’s and how not to pollute the air when you travel to school and back.

Events: what happened?Room 7 went to visit the Tread  Lightly Caravan.

First.....We got introduced to Kate and Kelly.We had a little whole class session and asked and answered a few question’s like when you brush your teeth and you leave the water on and don’t forget to
turn the tap off each person has wasted upto a litre of water. Then we worked out how many litres we would waste as a class and as a school. It shocked most of to learn that more than 180 litres could be wasted each day.  

Then we got split into 6 groups for the 6 activities.Which were the Magnified Insects,Pedal Power,Geckos and vine’s,Tread Lightly Caravan,E-waste and Travel log. My group started at the E-waste in my group there was Tauola,Aarmione,Salelei and Mangila.We started with Kelly doing the E-waste there was heaps of electronic devices like phones, computers and other items.

We went around to every activity applicable in the event and  all of them were so interesting the power bike was my favourite where you have to share your strengths to boil the jug so that the teachers can have a coffee because the teachers were so desperate.The teachers’ were having fun as well as the kids were because Mrs George and Mrs Atuahiva had a glimpse and was happy as a monkey.
Finally.....Well at the end it was all worth it all the scientific effects to the little insects in the caravan known as the magnifier was so cool and the Geckos and vines were so cool and also the power bike my favourite again was so cool,the travel log was so interesting and knowledgeable to everyone in room 7.It was a pleasure for everyone who attends Glenbrae School to have this expirience to knowledge alot of things about bugs,isects,power bikes and E-waste also the Geckos and vines.We ended the session with a overview about our day today and a very amazing Thank you from ne of our students in room 7 Nunia.We all enjoyed our day today and then we head back to class for somemore learning.
Conclusion: I thought that........ It was so fun with Kate and Kelly the Power bike,Travel log,Magnifier and the Gecko’s and vines.Me Mrs George,Mrs Atuahiva,Kate,Kelly and Room 7 was so pleased to be partly invited to the tread lightly caravan on Monday 19th of May 2013.  By Te puawai
feelings and thoughts   actions   descriptions   details   what do you think?
It was so cool because of the geckos and vines, that game was a huge board game with any amounts of players.

Room 7's Pledge

E-Waste at the tread lightly caravan

“WOW Mrs George what is that mobile caravan over there called?”
“Oh that is the Tread lightly Caravan”Said Mrs George
“Oh are we going there today?” “Yes we are, certainly we are going now” replied our Teacher.

Room 7 of Glenbrae School went to the tread lightly caravan in front of the school hall.We were introduced to Kelly and Kate.They were so entertaining.
So we got straight into it, we got split up into 6 groups because there was 6 activities.
The activities names were managed as the magnified insects,Pedal power,Gecko’s and vines and the Travel log.
We then had a little class session and we learnt about when you're brushing your teeth.I learnt a fact that about  when you brush your teeth and leave the tap on, it means that you have wasted a lot of water each day.Unfortunate we had to finish the session and then we went off to start our education. Tauola, Aarmione, Salelei, Mangila and I went to the Tread Lightly Mobile caravan.It was so cool  at the Geckos and vines station.We had a short play on the power bike which was incredibly unique when we had to use the power bike to generate enough electricity to boil the jug so that the teachers could have a cup of coffee. Afterwards, we went to look at the extraordinary little  Insects in the small tiny containers. We were able to adjust the magnifier and see if it was the right size or not and it was so experienced to look at all of the amazing dialogs and the objects in the tread lightly caravan.

Thursday, 9 May 2013

My recount holiday

My holiday recount.
WOW do you wanna know what i did in the holiday’s? Well sit back and find out.
In the holiday’s I had attended two weeks of youth Town Panmure activities. It was a pleasure to meet heaps of people in the two weeks of holidays. The places I traveled to was Extreme Trampoline,Rain Forest express in west Auckland,Lloyd Elsmore pools and the movies in sylvia park and Orakei Basin for an outdoors day.

It was so fun I experienced a lot of new interesting things in a week, one of the things I enjoyed was to co-operate and communicate with other citizens in the Youth Town Panmure community. I was amazed at the things that had just inspired me and caught a glimpse of my eye,there for was a little fluffy puppy who was a proud treasure of a supervisor at Youth Town Panmure.I enjoyed my enthusiastically enjoyable holidays this year.

 This is where i went to go to the extreme trampoline