Monday, 18 November 2013

Poem-My Bestfriend

My bestfriend ^.^
My bestfriend is a girl
Her hair always curls
I play with her everyday
Each day we say “Hey”

She giggles here and giggles there
Sometimes I ask if  we can play and share
We have a lot in common
We are both getting to be Women

Our height is just right
I will hold her near me forever and tight
We share our ideas at school
Sometimes we even share in the school pool

When its sports
We sometimes play on the court
Also when we do fitness
One of us would either be the fittest

When the bell goes “RING”
We sometimes tend to sing
At times we sing the same song
But all you will here is that it will go on and on

We dance
Take a glance
We prance
Like we’re in France.

I would like to say
Thank you for giving me each day
As you know she is my Bestfriend
I am sad to say that is the end.

By Te Puawai (;  ^,^

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

The vege car

The vege car

W.A.L.T: We are learning to make a connection with the text.

The vege car is a bout James Nui the father creating a Vege car inspired by Rudolph Diesel.
Is it complicated to make a vege car?
I think it isn't because you might only have to change the petrol engine to make it a vege car not only a vege car but a free petrol car that doesn't pollute the air.