Friday, 6 June 2014

Resizing Images

Today I learnt how to resize images, In different ways. When you post a image on the web it wont be the right size that you wanted it to be.

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Long Bay extraordinaire

It was a miserable critical morning as all the trees were swaying side to side. We all gather to the hall and get ready to head out to Long Bay regional park, as it is near the Okura bush scenic reserve. As we all are aboard on the one bus mixed amongst 3 classes of 29 children. We were squashed! As we arrive at the regional park we were greeted to Sarah, James and Maureen our instructors for the day. The 3 classes are split into 3 groups each, we all don’t know what  our day will be like but the quicker we hurry up and go the quicker we get a life experience.
We are all in our groups so we skedaddle off. As we walk past a 500 meter high cliff we see that there is a sign that says(“ Beware  as there are falling rocks!”) I felt frightened. So we are all notified.
Then we see a number of rock pools ahead of us not even warned of what to do, you already see our entire class already finding different kinds of sea animals. We all get a tray each and scoop a cup of water so that they will still be breathing as we experience them. I went near a rock pool that had a rock in it, I pulled it back to see whats under it and I see a starfish. I was pleased that I found one  for the first time in my life.
There were big creatures and little creatures the most weirdest thing I found which I thought was creepy had a curvy shape, when I showed my teacher she thought it was a brain.
Shellfish(molluscs-bivalves. The word Molluscs means soft body and in the category are Scallops, Ringed Venus shell, Morning star, Tuatua and Mussel. Thats what I learnt I thought that, that was the best features I liked.
That visit was a life's experience for me as I learnt a lot of facts about rocky pools and next

time I see a Rocky pool I will look and be successful.
Screenshot 2014-05-28 at 9.18.35 AM.png
Screenshot 2014-05-28 at 9.16.42 AM.png
Screenshot 2014-05-28 at 9.18.19 AM.png

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Fishing rules.

Today I learnt what the rules of catching types of fish. Those few fish were Blue Moki, Tarakihi,Red Cod and Snapper. This is our poster that Anamanu and I created it has all the rules and the length.

Monday, 19 May 2014

The last war.

Having to shoot
in our own boots
Make us think
about the last day we’ll blink.
Watching all the planes crash,
in a flash.
Taking that last glance,
as they stand in their shooting stance
Is probably the last time,
knowing that war is a crime.
As now we think of the ones we’ve lost
We havent realise how much we've lost

Monday, 12 May 2014

Creating loopy people.

Today in maths we learnt to measure body parts, Half the measurment, apply the halved measurments to measure, cut and create our ''loopy people''.

It was easy to connect the body parts
It was hard to add the correct measurments to the loopy person.

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

My feelings on coming to term 2 with a Blast!

When I got told that we start back to school on the 5th of May I had been excited to see everyone and have another exciting term with our teachers Mrs Parker and Mrs Taj.

Yesterday the 5th of May, was the first day of term 2. We started off with a Blast! As we missed one of our teachers (Mrs Parker) as she went to graduate to become a full teacher with our other teacher

(Mrs Raj). It was very nice as we welcomed her back the next day. That morning was our Netball session with coach. It was the best Netball session ever! And we would like to go back to the courts in a matter of no time.

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Basketball Reflection.

Today was the last week of our Basketball coaching with Steph. As we usually do every week on Tuesday's we do warm ups. So we had to do shuttles, shuttles is a type of excersise which you have to run/jog towards the Mid-court line, run back and then run to the base line(Opposite side of the court). Before we knew it we were already puffed out. So then we had to split in to 2 groups mixed between about 12-14 players on each team. The teams were non tags and tags. In our teams we got split in little groups having to play little games on half the court. Then a full game with about 6-7 players each game. Then one of the classmates Jack stood up and said a moving Thank You to coach Steph.Walking back to class with a breeze hitting the back of our neck.

What did I learn? I learnt that Basketball is a very suprising sport it shows that you can use your skills in able to become a better player everytime.The most difficult part about Basketball is having to travel, well thats what I reckon because if you get to out of hand there is a chance of you trying to travel with the ball. What I liked the most? I liked the tricks of the week because it showed that you could become better at Basketball by using tricks in your games.

Monday, 14 April 2014

Unit of measurment.

WALT: Use body parts as a unit of measurment.

Today for Maths we had to measure the length of our finger and compare it to our netbook(Digital device). My netbook length is 4 and a half wide(Top) and 2 and a half of length from the (side).

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Sunshine Online Reading.

Today this is what I was reading on Sunshine online. Its called Kick the can. Its a very cool story and had a lot of vocabulary. Also this is a screenshot of my work.

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Our experience at the Viaduct Centre

Today we are at the Viaduct Events Centre on the 22nd of March 2014.  I think you are wondering why we are here? We are here beacause we got invited to show case our work using our Netbooks. We are a Manaiakalani school. So we are a digital school. Our day is going well we are getting a lot of visitors coming and going. We are all having fun show casing our learning. We entered in a big guilding which has a sign in big lettering saying the Viaduct Events Centre 

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Maths - Statistics

Today I learnt to present my data as a line graph and an area graph. This is a screenshot of my work.

Today's Week 5 Basketball Session with Steph

Basketball. Basketball is a type of sport which involves a Basketball 2 teams each team has 9 players. The aim is for a team to get possition of the ball and to shoot it into the oppisite teams hoop.

Yesterday was our 5th week of Basketball with Steph. She got us to do a lot of warm - up activities and we did some competitions.It was fun.

Bio Poem

Bio Poem

Determined, fit and helpful
Lover of sports, games and fun activities
Who wonders what it would be like in the future ?
Who fears big insects, heights and performing on stage
Who feels worried if there were something to happen to my family
Who is able to help others in need of help
Who would like to be a famous singer, experience other different cultures and to see or ride a real life dinosaur
Who dreams of meeting the one and only Beyonce
Caring, intelligent and persistent.

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Favourite Fruit (Statistics)

Today in maths we created a spreadsheet and we had made 2 graphs which were a pie graph
(On the right) and a bar graph (On the left). And this is a screenshot of my work.

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Waitangi Day Activity

Read the included article.
Find the definitions and synonyms listed at the end.
Answer the questions at the bottom and blog it with a link to the original article.

What does Waitangi Day mean to me? abridged version. For full article read here:

by KIERAN BULLOCK 30/01/2014

I woke up today and found my Facebook feed jam-packed full of "Happy Australia Day" messages. I've lived in Melbourne for nine years, so unsurprisingly a large majority of my Facebook friends are Australian.
Australia Day falls on January 26, It wasn't until last year that I actually got to experience a full Australia Day celebration.
I use the word "celebration", because that's exactly what it is. Australians celebrate their national holiday, which was a bit of an eye-opener. I was invited to no less than three parties. The first two were great, and the third party was a picnic affair in the Edinburgh Gardens, just to the north of the Melbourne CBD.
The weather was gorgeous, about 30 degrees Celsius without a cloud in the sky. The park was staggeringly full.
Thousands of people decked out with rugs and camping chairs, with just enough room between groups to set up some backyard cricket or kick a football. The aroma of barbecued meats wafted on the breeze, carrying with it the excited chatter of several thousand people having an absolute ball. It was a celebration.
This year I will be in New Zealand for Waitangi Day. The last time I can recall actually making plans for Waitangi Day was about six years ago. I was home, on my university break, working fulltime. It just so happened that the Super Bowl fell on Waitangi Day, which meant we had the day off and could watch it.
I've asked around my friends here about their Waitangi Day plans this year and for the most part I get a similar response: A shrug. Ambivalence. Waitangi Day is a day off work for most.
In many respects Waitangi Day is a day far more worthy of celebration. It recognises the anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi, the coming together of two groups to create the country we now live in.
Whilst some will argue that the document has been disrespected, ignored and mishandled over the years, the very fact that the Treaty was created and signed is undeniably important to all New Zealanders.
It has created an invaluable dialogue that can never be closed.
By contrast, Australia Day is the anniversary of the day the First Fleet arrived in Sydney Cove and planted the British flag on Australian soil. To the large indigenous community of Australia, the day infers that Australia became a nation proper only when the British arrived, and has henceforth been dubbed "Invasion Day" in protest.
Where Waitangi Day celebrates a forward step in cross-cultural relations, Australia Day arguably represents a step back. Australia Day is flawed.
For every "Happy Australia Day" message, there are just as many links to articles from various outlets regarding the dark history behind the day. The articles call for higher authorities to take action and right the wrongs of the past.
For many it is a day of celebration, for many a day of mourning and a day for protest.
Waitangi Day has its protests, too, and so it should. Everyone should have the right to protest if they feel aggrieved.
But what I feel Waitangi Day lacks is the celebration. Where are the barbecues, the backyard cricket matches, the clinking of glasses? If people want to use Waitangi Day as a national holiday to highlight what's wrong with the country, that's fine. But conversely, people should want to celebrate what's right with this country.
New Zealand is amazing, and Waitangi Day should be the day where we sit back, crack a gorgeous local craft beer and say, "It's not perfect, but we're proud of what we're doing here."
I believe, as a nation, we need to get behind Waitangi Day as a day of celebration. Even those who protest should do so, in the belief that their grievances can be aired, resolved, and progress made.
In my opinion our national holiday should be a day to focus on what's right with your country - and that's Waitangi Day. We have 364 other days to sort out what's wrong it. That should be enough.
Happy Waitangi New Zealand! Get out there and celebrate this fine country of ours!

Find the meaning for the following words, and one Synonym.
Once you have found all the definitions re-read the article using the synonyms to help you understand it.


Amazing, Astonishing, Astounding, Mind - Boggling , Shocking and Stunning
a distinctive, typically pleasant smell.
Bouquet odor, perfume, scent, spice
the state of having mixed feelings or contradictory ideas about something or someone
doubt, hesitancy, hesitation, indecision, uncertainty,
feel or show deep sorrow or regret for (someone or their death), typically by following conventions such as the wearing of black clothes.
ache, agonize, bemoan, complain, deplore, fret, grieve
originating or occurring naturally in a particular place; native.
lament, regret, anguish
feeling resentment at having been unfairly treated.
disturbed, grieving, oppressed, persecuted, wronged.
introducing a statement or idea that reverses one that has just been made or referred to.


Answer the following questions.
  • What do you think about Keiran’s opinion? I think that Kieran's opinion is right because there are some country’s that doesn't know about Waitangi Day here in New Zealand.
  • What does Waitangi Day mean to you or your family? Its a treaty for the Maoris and the british.
  • What groups do you think benefit from Waitangi Day?
  • How do you think New Zealanders could do more to celebrate Waitangi Day? They should make a plan by thinking about it and making a plan as a team.

Water Fun Day.

Water fun Day.
The 7th of February on a Friday overcast morning. Glenbrae School had a exciting, Wild and soapy water fun day. Starting from 9 - Interval. That day we had to split in to our house groups which were (Rata, Nikau, Kauri and Kowhai). As soon as all the classes were down and waiting we got right in to it.Each activity will either need a Sponge, Half - cut Milk Bottle or a plastic cup.

I was put in the colour Kauri . We had to race in our classes. There were 7 water activities. Every 10 minutes we would hear a whistle which is a  sign to move on to a next station. Every activity was announced first was the Obstacle course, Walk the plank, 3 hand race, Through the legs, Water slide and Zig Zag race. The fair idea was to get as much water as you can into your  bin which had your colour on it. In the middle of the court were four buckets lined up with the colours Red, Yellow, Green and Blue.

My first activity was the Obstacle course. We had to Scoop a cup of water in to a plastic cup then crouch down under a chair run to the middle of the court and tip as much water as you can into the bucket. My class Room 10  had been escorted to the course. Kowhai - Yellow house had to run more times than the other houses had because there were a less amount of them. We showed a lot of support and co-operation in that activity by the time we were all puffed out it was 10 minutes already so we went to the next activity.

The next activity was the Water slide it was exactly the same as the last activity but you had to slide down on the slide with the cup in your hand running it to your colour bucket. The fun part about that activity was you got soaking wet. Also when we finished there was still a bucket water full, what my class did was we got cups full of water and wet the teachers who were in charge of that station. That was a lot of fun for me. So we went to the next activity we already knew what activity we went to it was like a cycle.

Our next activity was called the Zig-Zag race. The game was instructed by Mrs Moopanar. The first thing she told us was to sit at the back of our bucket and wait for the rest of the instructions. As we could see there was a sponge in the bucket, so what you had to do was to soak as much water in your sponge, Zig-Zag through the cones down to your bucket. Our class Zoomed through the cones holding as much water in the sponge to the bucket. Kowhai was exhausted sitting  puffed. Room 10’s next activity was the Through the leg race.
Through the leg race had involved a sponge as well.  What you had to do in this race was the person in the front had to soak the sponge with water and pass it on to the person behind you through your legs and the last person carried it carefully to the bin then go to the front of the line to carry it on again. That race involved a lot of water. Already the whistle rung again, Our next activity was the 3 hand race.

At the 3 hand race you needed a partner. Eseki and I were partners, We came up with a strategy when we wrapped our hands together and covered the cup with the other hand reaching the bucket with already a quarter of water. In that session Eseki and I went up and Mrs Tofa tricked me she told me to put the water into a different bucket so while I was up there I tipped water on her which was pretty funny. As soon as that activity was done I was puffed because of all of the running you had to do on that cloudy day.

Our last final activity was to walk the plank. In this activity you will need to run between the plank and hold the water until you get to your house colour bucket. Extreme fun because you got points for house against house.

As we went  back to the court for that last moment. There we are waiting for the results of how we went Mrs Tofa announced the results. So in 4th place was Kowhai, 3rd place Nikau and that last moment in 1st place was a tie between Kauri and Rata. Relieved to hear that Kauri came a tie with Rata and we were all surprised. Then Mr Nath did a funky dance with the whole school laughing with pride.

There was our exciting water fun day experienced and loved, wish we could do that again in the year.  Thank you all the teachers who put their effort into making this day happen especially to Mrs Raj and Mrs Ripata.

THE END By Te Puawai.