Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Guided Inquiry

This is what I researched for our guided Inquiry

Businesses At Auckland Airport
Duty free shops
Souvenir shops
Mc Donalds
Time Zone Arcade
Subway Cafe
Lounge Bar

New Zealand- Air New Zealand
Australia- Virgin Australia
U.S.A- Air Hawaii
Arabs- Emirates
Middle Eastern- Air Chathams
Malaysia Airlines
Royal Tongan airlines-From Tonga
Singapore airlines-From Singapore
Lufthansa Airline-From Germany
Air Pacific
Air Vanuatu
Cathay pacific
China Airlines
China Southern
Korean Air
Pacific Blue
Polynesian Blue
Thai Airways

Jobs At Auckland Airport
Luggage Handlers
Custom Officers
Check in Attendant
Customer Service People
Air hostess
Aircraft Refueller
Freight Sorters
Import Customer Service
Airlines catering loader
MAF Officers
Airport Security

History of Auckland Airport
Auckland Airport is the major connection between the world and “the land of the long white cloud”.
It is where New Zealand touches the world - welcoming visitors and farewelling friends.
Auckland International Airport Limited (Auckland Airport) was formed in 1988, when the New Zealand Government corporatised the management of Auckland International Airport. In 1998, the Government sold down its shareholding, and Auckland Airport became the fifth airport company in the world to be publicly listed.

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Loopy People

This week we made Loopy People

We had to measure ourselves with measuring tape and than we had to divide it into halves. Once we did that we had to cut some strips of paper and put our half measurments on their. We had to colour it in and decorate it. Our teacher Miss Tofa stapled them toegether and we stapled them on the wall to show everyone around our schol