Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Long Bay extraordinaire

It was a miserable critical morning as all the trees were swaying side to side. We all gather to the hall and get ready to head out to Long Bay regional park, as it is near the Okura bush scenic reserve. As we all are aboard on the one bus mixed amongst 3 classes of 29 children. We were squashed! As we arrive at the regional park we were greeted to Sarah, James and Maureen our instructors for the day. The 3 classes are split into 3 groups each, we all don’t know what  our day will be like but the quicker we hurry up and go the quicker we get a life experience.
We are all in our groups so we skedaddle off. As we walk past a 500 meter high cliff we see that there is a sign that says(“ Beware  as there are falling rocks!”) I felt frightened. So we are all notified.
Then we see a number of rock pools ahead of us not even warned of what to do, you already see our entire class already finding different kinds of sea animals. We all get a tray each and scoop a cup of water so that they will still be breathing as we experience them. I went near a rock pool that had a rock in it, I pulled it back to see whats under it and I see a starfish. I was pleased that I found one  for the first time in my life.
There were big creatures and little creatures the most weirdest thing I found which I thought was creepy had a curvy shape, when I showed my teacher she thought it was a brain.
Shellfish(molluscs-bivalves. The word Molluscs means soft body and in the category are Scallops, Ringed Venus shell, Morning star, Tuatua and Mussel. Thats what I learnt I thought that, that was the best features I liked.
That visit was a life's experience for me as I learnt a lot of facts about rocky pools and next

time I see a Rocky pool I will look and be successful.
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