Monday, 10 June 2013

Pie Chart

Make a copy and save in your maths folder. ThanksHow many children chose blue?
How many children chose red?
How many children chose green?
How many children chose purple?10%
Which colour is the most popular?Blue
Which colours are the least popular?

Math's Task for room 7's Triangles, Squares & Pentagons:

Triangles, Squares & Pentagons:
1) Continue this pattern:
15, 18, 21, 24, 27, 30, 33, 36, 39, 42
3) If the rule is ‘×7, subtract 3’ complete this pattern:
5) Use the rule in the box to calculate
the cost of buying 2, 4, 8 and 16 CDs.
1 CD = $19.99
Cost of 2 CDs =$39.99
Cost of 4 CDs =$79.99
Cost of 8 CDs =$159.99
Cost of 16 CDs =$319.99
6) If Anna spent $200 how many CDs were bought?10
7) Use the order of operations to solve this equation:  235 – (a) = 176... 176+24=200+35=235 Answer is 59
What is the value of a?59
9) Fill in the missing numbers  255, 263, 271,279,287,295 state the rule for the pattern.+8
10) Timothy swam many laps every Friday morning.
The distances he swam in his first 4 times were:
100m, 200m, 450m and 700m 950 m 1,200 m
If he continued this pattern, how long would his next 2 swims be?

Blue Group - Reading Narratives Resource: Rainbow Duckling (Read About, Think About Book 1)

Blue Group  -  Reading Narratives
Resource: Rainbow Duckling (Read About, Think About Book 1)

WALT read and understand how narratives are written. (Structure and language features used in writing stories)

Knowledge Questions:

  1. What did the little yellow duckling find next to the tractor?The duckling found a very small pond,the size of a saucepan lid.
  2. Why had the farmer’s wife been using dye on the table cloth?The wife used dye on the old tablecloth to change the old dull colour into a light blue colour.
  3. What did the crushed blackberries look like on the duckling?The crushed berries looked like buttons on the rainbow duckling.

Comprehension Questions:
    4. At the start, how did the mother duck feel about her duckling?Proud How do you know?Because the mother duck said “You are the finest duckling who ever paddled in this farm pond”.
    5.   Was the mother duck happy with how the duckling looked after his adventure?No How do
          you know?Because she said crossed “Who turned my lovely little dandelion-yellow duckling into a patchwork rug.
    6.   Was the duckling happy with the way he looked after his adventure?Yes How do you know?Because he said he looks different.

Application Questions
    7.   Could this be a true story?Yes Give a reason for your answer.Because it sounds true by the colours,ducklings and effects of the story.
    8.   What question would you ask the duckling about his adventure?Was it more fun than trying to prank your sister into getting free Mcdonalds hahaha

Thinking beyond:
Analysis: How else do you think this story might have ended?The mother duck should’ve joined the little duckling and share joy with the baby duckling.

Synthesis: Change the story so that after all the duckling’s adventures he somehow, by accident, goes home clean to his mother.The duckling had went for his great adventure and he didn’t want to get in trouble from the mother duck might growl again when he walked inside with his muddy feet and colourful feathers

Evaluation: Do you believe the way somebody looks is very important? Explain your answer.

Hands on: Make a cartoon strip of the story so far and then illustrate two conclusions to the story - one happy and one sad.

Yellow Group Docking Day - by Amanda Jackson SJ. pt.2 No.4 2010

Yellow Group
Docking Day - by Amanda Jackson  SJ. pt.2 No.4 2010

Please answer in complete sentences.

1. Take a screenshot of the story and insert into this document.
2. What do you think this story is about?I think it is about a family holiday.Its about a family who goes docking every year.
3. In your own words explain the phrase ‘I curled up like a koru’ and what this
means in the context of the story.I think it means like you curled up like a koru in bed to sleep.”Hugging the last pieces of your dream”.
4. Explain the term ‘docking’ in this story. Use the online dictionary to find and record
another meaning for this word.Cut short (An animal's tail)
5. What did Aunt Mollie organise for breakfast?Toast.
6. Why did the lamb need to be docked? Share your opinion about this practice.Because they were old enough to be docked.
7. Explain why the children looked forward to docking each year. Because they liked to roll down the hill’s,chase rabbits and play every wild.Do you or your family
have an annual event that all the children and young people look forward to each
year? Share your experience.Sometimes we go and look for some pigs and have a family reunion at the marae.
8. What had the Aunties promised the children yesterday?The aunties promised them the boys that they are going to bake pies, biscuits ,cakes and bread.
9. Explain the condition of the road up to the far end of the farm. Use evidence from
the story to support your answer.
10. Use the illustrations on pages 18 & 19 to write a description of the farmland.

11. Why do you think the writer used the similie of maggots to describe the sheep surge
over the crests of hills? Because the sheep are like the same colour and they all are in bunches from the sky it will look like heaps of maggots.
12. Complete the key vocabulary table:
what you think it means
dictionary definition
A bunch of grass swishing along the lanes
The top of something, esp. a mountain or hill
  • she reached the crest of the hill

A little insect I think it is a baby fly?
A soft-bodied legless larva, esp. that of a fly found in decaying matter
Stomp around and find your way triply.
rip or momentarily lose one's balance; almost fall
When you need to close your eye’s a bit to help you see properly in a bright light.
Look at someone or something with one or both eyes partly closed in an attempt to see more clearly or as a reaction to strong light
A powerful movement.
sudden powerful forward or upward movement, esp. by a crowd or by a natural force such as the waves or tide
To stare at someone with amazement
Stare with one's mouth open wide, typically in amazement or wonder

Use the above words in sentences of your own. You need to use one adjective and
one verb in each sentence. Highlight each one in a different color as shown.
(Example - Sione cut open his packet of chicken noodles and dropped them into the
shiny steel pan of hot water to cook.)

All Groups - Reading an Explanation Resource: The origin and history of chocolate by Jo Rogers (Read About, Think About Book 2)

All Groups -  Reading an Explanation
Resource: The origin and history of chocolate by Jo Rogers  
(Read About, Think About Book 2)

WALT read and understand how an explanation is written. (Structure and language features used in writing explanations)
Knowledge Questions: Learn
  1. What does the word ‘chocolate’ mean and from where did the word originally come?Chocolate is a dark substance made from the seeds of the cacao,And it came from a tropical tree
  2. From which people does the legend of the prophet bringing the cacao seeds from paradise come?Aztec legends indians of mexico were the prophet bringing the cacao seeds.
  3. When was chocolate produced in large amounts?Chocolate was produced in the 19th century

Comprehension Questions: Learn, Create, Share
   4.    What is the difference between cacao and cocoa?Cacao is a bean and cocoa is a powder.
   5.    In your own words describe how the cacao bean was introduced to Spain.Chris Columbus imported it.
   6.    Describe London’s attitude to chocolate during the 18th century. Upload your description to your individual blog after conferencing with the teacher.

Application Questions: Learn, Create, Share
   7.   Give another instance of food originating in one country and then spreading in popularity across the world? How may this have happened? Upload your explanation to your individual blog after conferencing with the teacher.

   8.   Chocolate is a Mayan word. Name five foods that have names coming from different
         cultures or countries other than your own. Upload your answer to your individual
         blog after conferencing with the teacher.

Thinking beyond: Learn, Create, Share
Analysis: What may have happened if Christopher Columbus had not discovered America?
                Upload your explanation to your individual blog after conferencing with the teacher.

Synthesis: Write a new recipe using chocolate and fruit as the main ingredients. Use tux paint to paint pictures to go with your recipe. Take a screenshot of your recipe and upload it to your blog after conferencing with the teacher.

Evaluation: Do you believe chocolate companies need to spend millions of dollars advertising their products? Explain Upload your explanation to your individual blog after conferencing with the teacher.

Hands on: Design a menu for a restaurant which serves only chocolate recipes. Include entrees. main meals, desserts and drinks. Take a screenshot of your menu and upload it to your blog after conferencing with the teacher.

Digital Foot Print

Digital Foot Print

Private and Personal information

We are often asked to share information online about ourselves. The people you share your information with could be your friends next door, or people you don’t know who live on the  other side of the world. Sharing your private identity information can put you at risk for identity theft. (using someone’s personal information and pretending to be them)

Each time you share information about yourself online, stop and think: “Am I giving out information that I should keep private?”

Decide whether each kind of information is personal information that is safe to share or private information that you should never share without the permission of a parent, guardian, or teacher. Cut from the list and paste into the table below

Personal Information - that is safe to share
Private Information - that you should never share without the permission of a parent, guardian, or teacher.
Favorite food
How many brothers and sisters you have
Favourite band, Favourite sports team, favourite subjects at school
Home address
Email address
Date of birth
Gender (boy or girl)
How many brothers and sisters you have
full name (first and last name)
Age Home Phone number, mobile number
Credit card numbers

Use Common Sense!
  • Only you can be responsible for protecting your private information online.
  • Tell your parent or guardian if you think someone has your private identity information who shouldn’t.

Create and share your personal profile on your blog.

Your blog has been created to share your learning. Write a personal profile to share on your blog. There are people you know, and people you don’t know, who can view your profile.

Decide what personal information you want to  share about yourself. Is all the information in your personal profile safe to share?

Create a new post on your blog and paste your personal profile on your blog. Include a heading and a label before publishing.

Description of a object

LI: To write a detailed description of an object including its use

SC:It must have adjectives to describe size, colour, shape, a simile and information about how it is used and by whom

Following our visit to MOTAT we are going to write three descriptions of different objects based on the above criteria. You can view our video on our class blog to support your ideas.

1. Object:The trams
size -As big as a gorilla,Humongous
colour -Black,Red,green and Blue
shape-Like a cylinder
simile -It was as exciting as rainbows end
used by -A captain that indicates the whole tram
purpose -To transport people or objects from one side to another

2. Object:The ford A
size -Two full sized tables joined together
colour -Black and red
shape-Like a Couch
simile -The seat in the vehicle was as comfortable as a sit on a bouncy castle
used by -A person to go on a ride on a sunny day
purpose -Riding on a sunny day

3. Object:Mirror Maze
size -As big as a Aeroplane
Shape-Rectangles and squares
Simile-It was as frustrating as a 3 yr old trying to make a coffee
Used by-People who visit MOTAT
Purpose-Finding your way around the maze

When you have completed the above activity write a recount about your MOTAT visit. You may include any or all of the above in your piece of writing. Check your writing and edit carefully, share with a buddy and save it in your inquiry folder. Once you have shared it with your teacher it must be posted on your blog with a pic. of your choice.