Monday, 18 November 2013

Poem-My Bestfriend

My bestfriend ^.^
My bestfriend is a girl
Her hair always curls
I play with her everyday
Each day we say “Hey”

She giggles here and giggles there
Sometimes I ask if  we can play and share
We have a lot in common
We are both getting to be Women

Our height is just right
I will hold her near me forever and tight
We share our ideas at school
Sometimes we even share in the school pool

When its sports
We sometimes play on the court
Also when we do fitness
One of us would either be the fittest

When the bell goes “RING”
We sometimes tend to sing
At times we sing the same song
But all you will here is that it will go on and on

We dance
Take a glance
We prance
Like we’re in France.

I would like to say
Thank you for giving me each day
As you know she is my Bestfriend
I am sad to say that is the end.

By Te Puawai (;  ^,^

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

The vege car

The vege car

W.A.L.T: We are learning to make a connection with the text.

The vege car is a bout James Nui the father creating a Vege car inspired by Rudolph Diesel.
Is it complicated to make a vege car?
I think it isn't because you might only have to change the petrol engine to make it a vege car not only a vege car but a free petrol car that doesn't pollute the air.

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Guided Inquiry

This is what I researched for our guided Inquiry

Businesses At Auckland Airport
Duty free shops
Souvenir shops
Mc Donalds
Time Zone Arcade
Subway Cafe
Lounge Bar

New Zealand- Air New Zealand
Australia- Virgin Australia
U.S.A- Air Hawaii
Arabs- Emirates
Middle Eastern- Air Chathams
Malaysia Airlines
Royal Tongan airlines-From Tonga
Singapore airlines-From Singapore
Lufthansa Airline-From Germany
Air Pacific
Air Vanuatu
Cathay pacific
China Airlines
China Southern
Korean Air
Pacific Blue
Polynesian Blue
Thai Airways

Jobs At Auckland Airport
Luggage Handlers
Custom Officers
Check in Attendant
Customer Service People
Air hostess
Aircraft Refueller
Freight Sorters
Import Customer Service
Airlines catering loader
MAF Officers
Airport Security

History of Auckland Airport
Auckland Airport is the major connection between the world and “the land of the long white cloud”.
It is where New Zealand touches the world - welcoming visitors and farewelling friends.
Auckland International Airport Limited (Auckland Airport) was formed in 1988, when the New Zealand Government corporatised the management of Auckland International Airport. In 1998, the Government sold down its shareholding, and Auckland Airport became the fifth airport company in the world to be publicly listed.

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Loopy People

This week we made Loopy People

We had to measure ourselves with measuring tape and than we had to divide it into halves. Once we did that we had to cut some strips of paper and put our half measurments on their. We had to colour it in and decorate it. Our teacher Miss Tofa stapled them toegether and we stapled them on the wall to show everyone around our schol

Monday, 2 September 2013

This is the news article I read today

A man suffered suspected chest injuries when his bike rolled over in Hawkes Bay yesterday.The Lowe Corporation Rescue Helicopter was called out to the accident in the Ruakituri Valley yesterday evening, where the 54-year-old man had been hurt while out hunting on a farm.

Friday, 16 August 2013

The Super Car

“Wow look at that car what is it?”. As soon as I took a glimpse of that car it was just like heaven. “I would really like a car like that!”said Tom.“That is the amazing delicate supercar”Said Mr Smith.”WoW” Said Tom. Mrs Julian said “Kids come on time to go and see the other exhibitions”.Tom sulked when they had to leave and see all of the other exhibitions.I wish I could see that car everyday I wake up.”Really Mrs Julian?”said Tom.”But...But...But”said Tom.”Enough of your buts”said Mrs Julian.

The class went to every exhibition of the museum and when it was time to leave there was enough to see the one more exhibitions.The whole class decided to go and see the SuperCar and Tom was so excited he was the first in the line.They rushed and took pics of the magnificent Supercar.”WoW” said Tom.That spontaneous car maybe one day I would own a car exactly like that.I realised that all the others wee sa and i didn't know why?”Why are you guys so sad?” said Tom?”We are all sad because the SuperCar wouldn't be in the museum because it is getting shipped to China.” Said the class” “Because someone in China has brought it”.”Oh no”said Tom.”What do we do?”.”We have to do something fast and soon”said Tom.”I have to do something”.So Tom went home the next and started to think, So he decided to write a letter to the people who is about to buy the supercar.He started with Dear Citizens of China I would like to say something some of the kids  in my class are feeling so upset that the supercar is leaving the museum because that car gives us memories we tolerate all of the respect you give to that car but we would like it to stay in the local museum.My class is so sad we have to overcome this.So please think this over again maybe there will be another car of your intrest.Yours Sinserily Tom Jhonson.

The next day I told the whole class about the supercar and in the morning I already received a reply from the citizens.We finally opened the letter and the news was the citizens said “Ok well Tom we have made a decision and think that we should...leave the car at the local museum.We know how much it means to your classmates and teacher.Thank you for your letter.Yours Sincerely Ben and Julie.”We hope you have a lot of fun with the supercar and we are glad we got a opportunity to get the beautiful car ever in the world oh well thats my opinion”.”WoW” said Tom.So he ran back to school the next day and told everyone the great news.They were all pleased and invited the residents to come and take a photo with the supercar and so they lived very camly and pleasent.

By Te Puawai

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Heroic police officer saves passenger, but driver missing.

Search for man missing after bridge plunge.

Police divers will search for a man today,missing after a van plunged into Tauranga Harbour after a three-car crash last night.
Bay of Plenty district police communications manager Kim Perks said the divers drove up from Wellington through the night and were expected to be in the water this morning.
The section of State Highway 29 passing over the bridge was open this morning with restrictions, but was expected to close around 10am for repairs, Ms Perks said.
The officer who jumped off the Maungatapu Bridge last night to rescue a passenger was treated for hypothermia, she said.
Five other people were injured in the crash.
Police last night said the body of the van driver was believed to still be in the vehicle, about 5m underwater in the middle of the channel.
The two men were carried by the current to Welcome Bay, where they were able to reach the shore.
Both had hypothermia and were taken to Tauranga Hospital. They were expected to be discharged this morning.
A 31-year-old man and a woman, 30, who were in one of the other two crashed vehicles, and a man, 45, from the other car, were also taken to hospital with moderate injuries.
Go to this link to check out more info.This Tragedie was at  6.05pm on Monday the 12th  od August 2013.

Thursday, 1 August 2013

My exciting two weeks of holiday

My exciting two weeks of holiday
The two weeks of holidays for me was exciting. I went to the exciting Matariki light trail and saw a couple of people from school.We got introduced to all of the designs and creations that lit up. I was spending time with my family and my friends we were having quite a lot of fun on the first week.I was really impressed with the courage and people that showed.

The last day of the first week of the holidays was very amusing because there was a big set of colourful “FIREWORKS”.They went “BOOM” and they all fainted in a second. The sound of the “FIREWORKS” were as loud as a lion “ROARING”you could hear and see them from as far as Taniwha Street.

Finally on the second week of the school holidays I went to exciting places like  Extreme Bowling in the Botany town centre, Paradice Ice Skating in the Botany town centre and Edge Rock climbing in Panmure. It was so fun in bowling I got at least 5 strikes and 3 spares.Then in Paradice Ice Skating I fell down about 8 times. Finally in Rock Climbing was stunning because of all of the very high courses and challenges.
The past holiday overall was the best holiday I have ever had.It was very cool intresting and entertaing.

Friday, 12 July 2013


There was an old person of Ware,
Who rode on the back of a bear;
When they asked, "Does it trot?" he said, "Certainly not!
He's a Moppsikon Floppsikon bear!"

There was a big fat man
He had a big fat pan
That he use to hit the chef
Who had a hat that said “Neff”

Every night I jumped in bed
Every night I bump my head
I always dream of something cute and funny
Its a small bunny with a jar of honey

Monday, 10 June 2013

Pie Chart

Make a copy and save in your maths folder. ThanksHow many children chose blue?
How many children chose red?
How many children chose green?
How many children chose purple?10%
Which colour is the most popular?Blue
Which colours are the least popular?

Math's Task for room 7's Triangles, Squares & Pentagons:

Triangles, Squares & Pentagons:
1) Continue this pattern:
15, 18, 21, 24, 27, 30, 33, 36, 39, 42
3) If the rule is ‘×7, subtract 3’ complete this pattern:
5) Use the rule in the box to calculate
the cost of buying 2, 4, 8 and 16 CDs.
1 CD = $19.99
Cost of 2 CDs =$39.99
Cost of 4 CDs =$79.99
Cost of 8 CDs =$159.99
Cost of 16 CDs =$319.99
6) If Anna spent $200 how many CDs were bought?10
7) Use the order of operations to solve this equation:  235 – (a) = 176... 176+24=200+35=235 Answer is 59
What is the value of a?59
9) Fill in the missing numbers  255, 263, 271,279,287,295 state the rule for the pattern.+8
10) Timothy swam many laps every Friday morning.
The distances he swam in his first 4 times were:
100m, 200m, 450m and 700m 950 m 1,200 m
If he continued this pattern, how long would his next 2 swims be?

Blue Group - Reading Narratives Resource: Rainbow Duckling (Read About, Think About Book 1)

Blue Group  -  Reading Narratives
Resource: Rainbow Duckling (Read About, Think About Book 1)

WALT read and understand how narratives are written. (Structure and language features used in writing stories)

Knowledge Questions:

  1. What did the little yellow duckling find next to the tractor?The duckling found a very small pond,the size of a saucepan lid.
  2. Why had the farmer’s wife been using dye on the table cloth?The wife used dye on the old tablecloth to change the old dull colour into a light blue colour.
  3. What did the crushed blackberries look like on the duckling?The crushed berries looked like buttons on the rainbow duckling.

Comprehension Questions:
    4. At the start, how did the mother duck feel about her duckling?Proud How do you know?Because the mother duck said “You are the finest duckling who ever paddled in this farm pond”.
    5.   Was the mother duck happy with how the duckling looked after his adventure?No How do
          you know?Because she said crossed “Who turned my lovely little dandelion-yellow duckling into a patchwork rug.
    6.   Was the duckling happy with the way he looked after his adventure?Yes How do you know?Because he said he looks different.

Application Questions
    7.   Could this be a true story?Yes Give a reason for your answer.Because it sounds true by the colours,ducklings and effects of the story.
    8.   What question would you ask the duckling about his adventure?Was it more fun than trying to prank your sister into getting free Mcdonalds hahaha

Thinking beyond:
Analysis: How else do you think this story might have ended?The mother duck should’ve joined the little duckling and share joy with the baby duckling.

Synthesis: Change the story so that after all the duckling’s adventures he somehow, by accident, goes home clean to his mother.The duckling had went for his great adventure and he didn’t want to get in trouble from the mother duck might growl again when he walked inside with his muddy feet and colourful feathers

Evaluation: Do you believe the way somebody looks is very important? Explain your answer.

Hands on: Make a cartoon strip of the story so far and then illustrate two conclusions to the story - one happy and one sad.